Learning disAbilities / Learning Abilities (Episode 2): The Teaching

Learning disAbilities / Learning Abilities (Episode 2): The Teaching

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Discover what students with learning disabilities really need.

The Teaching, the second DVD of the series Learning disAbilities/Learning Abilities, offers a full explanation of explicit, multisensory, systematic teaching, based on language structure, demonstrated by a variety of teaching situations. Learn what phonemes are. Witness a kindergarten class doing exercises to teach phonemic awareness and to identify the lack of such awareness and move from invented spelling to regular spelling.

Learning disAbilities, Learning Abilities is a six episode video series, with topics including reading, dyslexia, phonemic awareness, multisensory instruction, dyscalculia or math disabilities and ADD/ADHD. Participants include Reid Lyon, Louisa Moats, Marilyn Adams, Martha Denkla, Barbara Wilson, Joyce Steeves and Nancy Mather.

Available in DVD format.

Running time: 55 minutes

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