Engaging 'Tweens and Teens

Engaging 'Tweens and Teens

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Make connections in the adolescent brain! Combining what the heart says with knowledge of how the adolescent brain works, teachers are sure to improve the social and academic outcomes of their students.

Teachers and parents know all too well that teens are one of the most unpredictable forces of nature. Armed with a solid understanding of subject matter and the very best of intentions, even the most skillful teachers face roadblocks in decoding the frustrating and often puzzling behavior of adolescents. New findings in brain research, however, are shedding light on teenage behavior. In this much-needed book, author Raleigh Philp incorporates what’s known about neurobiology and illustrates practical methods for creating meaningful learning experiences.

Guiding middle and high school teachers through brain-based educational practice, Engaging 'Tweens and Teens explores:
  • Common emotional states of students in grades 6–12
  • Effective techniques that prevent students from mentally checking out
  • Familiar technologies to engage learners, such as blogs, wikis, and iPods
  • Music as part of classroom instruction—from classical to pop to hip hop
  • Risk-taking behaviors such as violence and substance abuse

Product Reviews

"A must read for all educators who want to get inside the teenage brain." --Eric Jensen, Author and Consultant

"Masterfully distills brain research into easily understood concepts, connecting each to simple teaching methods that lead to peak academic performance." --Jeff Haebig, President, Wellness Quest

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