Unleashing the Potential of the Teenage Brain

Unleashing the Potential of the Teenage Brain

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Create brain-friendly learning environments that meet the needs of growing, changing adolescents!

This resource helps teachers create the ideal classroom environment based on the latest neuroscientific research on teenagers and the implications for their social, emotional, and intellectual development. The author presents ten powerful ideas that integrate new and existing theories to help teachers create effective brain-compatible classrooms. Each idea includes:
  • Case studies and examples of strategies that illustrate how to translate theory into workable classroom practice
  • Descriptions of the changing roles and expectations for both teachers and students in the brain-compatible classroom
  • Specific guidelines for establishing an optimal learning environment
When you combine an understanding of how the brain learns with proven brain-friendly techniques, teaching and learning will be more effective and fun for both teachers and students!

Product Reviews

"The information is practical, and the examples make the material very easy to apply. The tone of the book is perfect for educators of middle and high school students—there's just the right amount of humor about the idiosyncrasies of this age group, as well as an appreciation for the rewards of teaching and working with adolescents."
"A thought-provoking resource firmly grounded in research and best practice, this handbook of exemplary ideas for teaching the teenage brain is organized in a brain-compatible format and includes a wealth of instructional strategies, from engaging activators to rich opportunities for reflection. A must-read for all educators, and an excellent resource for faculty study groups and book clubs." --Susan LeBel, Programs Coordinator, Annapolis Valley Regional School Board, Nova Scotia, Canada

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