Discovery Education: Introduction to Reading

Discovery Education: Introduction to Reading

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From sight words and context clues to phonics and syllables, introduce young students to general reading skills and strategies.

Introduction to Reading is a perfect way enhance your students' reading skills! The video is divided into the following segments:

Reading Print: Words, Words Everywhere Look around and you will see that words are everywhere.

Reading Books: Clues on the Cover The front cover of a book can tell you lots of information about the book.

Imagining Whatís on the Menu Using your imagination when you read can help you create pictures in your mind.

Reading Books: Picture Clues When you read a book you can use clues from the pictures to help you understand what you are reading.

Vowel Sounds: An Animal Adventure Vowels can make short and long sounds.

Fishing for Consonants Sounding out words can help you be a better reader.

Syllables: African Animals When sounding out a word you donít know you can break it down into syllables.

A Picture Dictionary: Letís Look It Up! A picture dictionary shows pictures of the word you are looking up and gives you its meaning.

Sight Words: Great Apes Memorizing sight words will make you a better reader.

Read, Stop & Ask: The Human Body When you do not understand something you are reading, stop and reread it to try to figure it out.

Say It with Feeling: An Octopus Story When people read aloud they often change how they say words. This is called reading with expression.

Available in DVD format.

Running time: 30 minutes

Ideal for grades: 3 - 5

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