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Designed by a child psychologist to aid children and adults with Attention Deficit Disorder and other special needs in staying focused and managing time.

The WatchMinder's Reminder Mode can be used by parents to set up daily routines for children, while Training Mode can be used to aid various types of behavioral modification. Below are examples of its different uses:

  • Busy parents with children who have learning and attentional problems are using the watch to remind themselves to GIVPOS, meaning to give positive reinforcement. Studies indicate that parents spend a great deal of time being negative and focusing on what the child is doing "wrong." The watch is getting the parents back on track and in a more positive frame of mind.
  • Teachers also are busy and forget to GIVPOS. The WatchMinder is reminding teachers to remember to give positive reinforcement throughout the school day.
  • Children are using the watch to self-monitor their own behavior. One training message is selected for the child, such as PYATTN. Throughout the school day this message appears and the child self-reports whether he/she was paying attention. A scorecard is maintained by the child and reinforcement is given at the end of the day/week for self-monitoring the behavior. Research suggests that self-monitoring can be effective in improving behavior.
  • College students with ADD and LD are finding it to be very effective for time management and pacing during exams.
  • Persons with hearing impairments can "feel" the vibration and find the watch to be beneficial in their daily lives.
  • Persons with visual impairments find the large face and large characters easy to read.
  • Many children with attention disorders forget to write down their homework before they leave school. COPYHW meaning copy homework in your planner can be activated just before the end of the school day.
  • Middle and high school students find the watch helpful with their class schedules and time management.
  • The watch helps children remember to CHORES and CALHME.
  • The watch helps children and adults achieve independence. The parent does not need to "nag" the child, the watch is the prompt to do a particular task. The watch can help improve parent/child relationships.

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