Reading Rainbow: Opt: An Illusionary Tale

Reading Rainbow: Opt: An Illusionary Tale

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Item description

This is a magical take of optical illusions in which objects seem to shift color and size, while images appear and disappear.

Reading Rainbow's dynamic, fast-paced, magazine-style format amplifies kids' experiences by taking them to new places so they can experience people or activities they've not seen before. Colorful animation and fun music will entertain and reinforce these experiences. Popular personalities narrate the feature books in each episode while captivating illustrations appear on-screen. Capsule book reviews presented by students expand on the themes in the feature book, while "kid-on-the-street" interviews allow real kids to sound off about issues.

Opt: An Illusionary Tale is divided into the following segments:

LeVar in a Blizzard: This optical illusion shows how special effects can be created. Artificial rock, plastic snow, snow and wind machines, and an ultimate blue wall come together to create a convincing optical illusion.

Optical Illusions You Can Create: Kids show optical illusions they created.

Trompe L'oeil: Artist Christian Thee, who paints trompe l'oeil or "trick-the-eye" paintings, talks about his artwork, shows some of the techniques he uses, and creates a trompe l'oeil window and scene.

Camouflage in the Animal World: LeVar introduces us to several animals and insects who use optical illusion to camouflage themselves.

Available in DVD format.

Running time: 30 minutes

Ideal for grades: PreK - 4

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