The Source For Learning & Memory Strategies

The Source For Learning & Memory Strategies

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Item description

By uncovering how brain functioning affects learning and memory, you can better help your students with special needs.

This unique Source serves as a review on brain function and a teaching guide with helpful activities and strategies to apply in therapy or classroom. You'll get case studies, hands-on techniques, and practical suggestions to try with your students.

Chapters cover: memory and the brain, memory in the classroom, memory strategies for conceptual learning, learning facts and math, language arts strategies for reading, spelling, and comprehension, and the process of memory.

Other features include:

  • review questions or an activity for each chapter
  • 4 reproducible graphic organizer formats for stories
  • list of 27 number prefixes (Latin and Greek)
  • list of 14 common suffixes
  • 12 reproducible story pictures

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