The Source For Learning Disabilities

The Source For Learning Disabilities

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This product has been discontinued by the publisher. Please explore our available Learning Disabilities videos and books.


The best way to treat students with learning disabilities is with teamwork.

Learn how the disciplines of speech-language pathology and learning disabilities intertwine so students are successful in school and in life.

  • Discusses dual exceptionalities — the gifted student and bilingual student with learning disabilities
  • Learn the social and emotional issues associated with learning disabilities and practical intervention strategies
  • Describes speech and language disorders, their relationship to learning disabilities, and how they contribute to academic difficulties
  • Learn the characteristics of and intervention strategies for:
    • Dyslexia including the criteria for instruction and 25 major intervention strategies
    • Dysgraphia including the stages for handwriting and spelling development, the components of written composition, and 15 major intervention strategies
    • Dyscalculia including the 6 subtypes (Verbal, Practognostic, Lexical, Graphical, Ideognostical, Operational) and 16 major intervention strategies
    • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) including the 3 types (Inattention, Hyperactive-Impulsive, Combined), 12 major intervention strategies, and the pros and cons of medication therapy
  • Learn effective team models, approaches, and strategies
  • Addresses parental concerns
  • Describes strategies for adults in the educational and vocational areas
Features include:
  • Reproducible screening checklists for:
    • Communication
    • Social/Emotional
    • Dyslexia
    • Dysgraphia
    • Dyscalculia
    • ADD
  • A glossary of terms

This is the must-have resource on learning disabilities. You'll be current with federal mandates and the best techniques to use to treat students with learning disabilities. Most importantly, this resource validates the contribution of each member of the educational team. Coordinated together, the team provides the best services to students with learning differences.

Components: 183 pages, reproducible checklists, references, glossary, CD-ROM

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