The LD Teacher's IDEA Companion (grades 6-12)

The LD Teacher's IDEA Companion (grades 6-12)

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Item description

Designed to help you translate the impact of IDEA into how you work with the students, their parents, regular educators, and the general curriculum itself.

This book provides materials that correspond to the major IEP changes resulting from the reauthorization of IDEA.

Units include:

Working with Regular Educators and Parents You'll have materials such as:

  • handouts for in-services
  • forms for informing staff of needed accommodations
  • forms for measuring student progress in regular education
  • tips for communicating with parents
  • forms for involving parents in the IEP process

    Meeting Content Standards This section provides you with recent content standards, goals, and instructional modifications in nine core academic content areas:

  • language arts
  • economics
  • health
  • American government
  • math
  • geography
  • United States history
  • world history
  • science

    Transition and Life Skills These two sections help explain the transition process and provide activities and strategies so students with disabilities can acquire the necessary skills for daily living.

    Handling Behavior and Discipline Issues This section leads you through the manifestation determination process. Also included are tips for being proactive in handling behavior problems.

    IDEA and Assessment This section addresses how you and the IEP team decide if a student will or will not participate in state- or district-wide assessment.

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