DIBELS Fifth Grade Classroom Set

DIBELS Fifth Grade Classroom Set

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Today’s most progressive and powerful resource for promoting literacy, DIBELS are quick and reliable assessments that predict reading success.

This prevention-oriented assessment for the growth and development of literacy skills will help you easily identify students in need of intervention and accurately evaluate the effectiveness of intervention strategies. DIBELS is designed for ongoing use to measure foundational skills and progress in reading; predict later reading success and performance on high-stakes tests; and provide an instructional goal that will prevent reading failure and promote reading success.

DIBELS, which stands for Dynamic Basic Early Literacy Skills, was developed by researchers at the University of Oregon. It meets Reading First standards.

Students in fourth, fifth, and sixth grade are assessed three times a year in the areas of fluency and comprehension. Each DIBELS measure takes only two to three minutes to administer, keeping disruption of instructional time to a minimum. The DIBELS measures are grounded in the essential early literacy domains described in both the National Reading Panel (2000) and National Research Council (1998) reports, which assess student development of phonological awareness, alphabetic understanding, and automaticity and fluency with the code.

DIBELS is based solidly in research! With it, you can make informed decisions about the effectiveness of curriculum, additional instructional support, and ongoing strategies for improving literacy skills and reading outcomes at the classroom, school, and district levels.

Each Grade 5 Classroom Set includes enough materials for a class of 25 students. The Classroom Set includes:

  • 1 DIBELS Administration and Scoring Guide (with an overview by Louisa Moats)
  • 25 Benchmark Assessment Scoring Booklets
  • 2 Benchmark Student Materials
  • 6 Oral Reading Fluency and Retell Fluency Progress Monitoring Scoring Booklets
  • 1 Set Oral Reading Fluency Progress Monitoring Student Materials

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