Reading Rocks! (DVD)

Reading Rocks! (DVD)

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"Sometimes I wish there was no such thing as reading." If you've ever felt that way or you care about a kid who does, this Reading Rockets special is just for you!

Reading Rocks! is an empowering, upbeat, and totally hip show for kids ages 7-12 years old. The program features ordinary kids who struggle with reading. Each of them has found a way not to give up, to give reading another chance, and their stories are told with humor and honesty. Young viewers will become motivated and inspired to feel less isolated and alone in their struggles at school.

During the program, you'll meet students from the legendary Lab School in Washington, D.C., who together explore the raw feelings of children who've had trouble learning to read; meet Ben, a kid author who didn't let dyslexia stop him in his quest to write a book; follow AJ as he finds strategies that work for him; and experience the triumph of Maricely who learned to read in English, her second language.

Reading Rocks! features host Nick Spano of Disney's Even Stevens and children's book author and illustrator Christopher Myers (Black Cat).

Available in DVD format.

Running time: 26 minutes

Visit Reading Rockets for a free, downloadable discussion guide.

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