Look What You've Done! (DVD)

Look What You've Done! (DVD)

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"Look what you've done!" Whether they've failed a spelling test or dropped an easy fly, kids with learning disabilities hear those words far too often. It's no wonder we sometimes overlook the "everyday courage" of our children.

This program, hosted by Dr. Robert Brooks of the Harvard Medical School and a nationally known expert on learning disabilities, says we need to find each child's "island of competence" and then build on those strengths. He offers practical strategies for helping children develop the confidence and resilience they will need to succeed.

The accompanying 36-page guide includes dozens of techniques and strategies that can be used to help build self esteem in students and children with learning disabilities.

Available in DVD format.

Running Time: 72 minutes

A Parent's Review

“I gave ‘Look What You’ve Done!’ to the principal at my son’s grammar school.  I gave it to her over 2 months ago and have been bugging her to watch it.  FINALLY I got a call from a resource teacher telling me that the principal showed my video to ALL the teachers at one of their meetings last week, and it was so well received.  I saw the principal today and she couldn’t stop raving about it.  She told me that she is bringing it to a meeting for all principals to see and to the superintendent to watch.  She said it was one of the best videos she had ever seen.  I am finding out that teachers just don’t get much training on strategies for working with ADHD children in the classroom.  I know this video has opened a door.”

About the Author

Dr. Robert Brooks is one of today's leading speakers on the themes of resilience, self-esteem, motivation, and family relationships. During the past 30 years, Dr. Brooks has presented nationally and internationally to thousands of parents, educators, mental health professionals, and business people with a message based on encouragement, hope, and resilience. He is renowned for the warmth and humor he uses to bring his insights and anecdotes to life.

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