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Resources for Educators

We searched far and wide for the best professional development products available. Whether you want to do some individual training or run a large scale seminar, we have just the thing for you.
How Difficult Can This Be?: The F.A.T. City Workshop (DVD)
Last One Picked, First One Picked On
When the Chips Are Down
Look What You've Done! (DVD)
ADD in the 21st Century
A Tale of Two Schools
Reading Rocks! (DVD)
Launching Young Readers: 5 Part Series (DVD)
DIBELS First Grade Classroom Set
DIBELS Second Grade Classroom Set
DIBELS Third Grade Classroom Set
DIBELS Kindergarten Classroom Set
Voice of Evidence in Reading Research
Beyond F.A.T. City - A Look Back, A Look Ahead (DVD)
DIBELS Fourth Grade Classroom Set
DIBELS Fifth Grade Classroom Set
DIBELS Sixth Grade Classroom Set
The LD Teacher's IDEA Companion (grades 6-12)
The Source For Learning Disabilities
The Source For ADD/ADHD
The Source For Bilingual Students with Language Disorders
The Source For Learning & Memory Strategies
Story Comprehension To Go
The Source For Reading Fluency
Launching Young Readers: Empowering Parents
Launching Young Readers: Becoming Bilingual
Reading Rainbow: Borreguita and the Coyote
Reading Rainbow: My America: A Poetry Atlas Of The United States
Reading Rainbow: Opt: An Illusionary Tale
Reading Rainbow: The Wall
It's So Much Work to Be Your Friend (book)
It's So Much Work to Be Your Friend (DVD)
It's so Much Work to Be Your Friend (Book/DVD Set)
Live it, Learn it! The Academic Club Methodology for Students with Learning Disabilities and ADHD
Phonological Disorders in Children: Clinical Decision Making in Assessment and Intervention
Meaningful Differences in the Everyday Experience of Young American Children
Phonemic Awareness in Young Children
Writing Better: Effective Strategies for Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties
Beyond Affliction: The Disability History Project
Going to College: Expanding Opportunities for People with Disabilities
Launching Young Readers: Reading and the Brain
Professional Development for Today's Classroom: Parent Connection
Professional Development for Today's Classroom: Teaching Math
Professional Development for Today's Classroom: Discovering Language Arts
Discovery Education: Introduction to Reading
Discovery School: Beginning Reading
Discovery School: Beginning Listening and Speaking
Discovery School: Beginning Writing
Learning With Animals: 5 Pack DVD
Reading Rockets Webcast: Make Reading Count
Reading Rockets Webcast: From Babbling to Books
Learning disAbilities / Learning Abilities (6 Part Series)
Teaching the Learning Disabled (8 part series)
Multicultural Hardcover Book Set
Latino Communities Hardcover Set
Vocabulary Improvement Program for English Language Learners and Their Classmates
Braille Bracelet
Launching Young Readers: A Chance to Read
The Motivation Breakthrough: 6 Secrets to Turning On the Tuned-Out Child (Book)
40 Ways to Support Struggling Readers in Content Classrooms, Grades 6-12
Bridging the Literacy Achievement Gap, Grades 4-12
Principled Practices for Adolescent Literacy: A Framework for Instruction and Policy
My Talking Dictionary Book and CD ROM (English/Spanish)
Unleashing the Potential of the Teenage Brain
Engaging the Disengaged
Activities for the Differentiated Classroom: Language Arts, Grades 6-8
Literacy Matters: Strategies Every Teacher Can Use
Engaging Adolescents in Reading
Brain-Based Teaching with Adolescent Learning in Mind
Engaging 'Tweens and Teens
The Adolescent Brain
The Motivation Breakthrough: 6 Secrets to Turning On the Tuned Out Child (DVD)
The Motivation Breakthrough: 6 Secrets to Turning On the Tuned Out Child (Book and DVD)
You've Been Sentenced!
Ten Languages You'll Need Most in the Classroom
Teaching Reading to English Language Learners, Grades 6-12
English Language Learners in Your Classroom
Building Reading Confidence in Adolescents
Brainlash: Maximize Your Recovery from Brain Injury
Effective Literacy Instruction for Students with Moderate or Severe Disabilities
Is Literacy Enough? Pathways to Academic Success for Adolescents
A Guide to Collaboration for IEP Teams
Early Literacy in Action: The Language-Focused Curriculum for Preschool
Frequently Asked Questions About Response to Intervention
Implementing Response to Intervention: A Principal's Guide
Response to Intervention: A Practical Guide for Every Teacher
Literacy for Young Children: A Guide for Early Childhood Educators
Building the Reading Brain, PreK - 3
Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms
Assessing English Language Learners
Literacy in the Digital Age
Getting Ahead: Reading and Writing (Grades K-3)
Launching Young Readers: Toddling Toward Reading (DVD)
Discovery School: Introduction to Writing
Teaching the Learning Disabled (Episode 1): Introduction: Recognizing, Understanding and Overcoming Learning Disabilities
Teaching the Learning Disabled (Episode 2): Motivation
Teaching the Learning Disabled (Episode 3): Organizing Time, Materials and Information
Teaching the Learning Disabled (Episode 4): Mathematics Learning Strategies
Teaching the Learning Disabled (Episode 5): Science for the Senses
Teaching the Learning Disabled (Episode 6): Multisensory Social Studies
Teaching the Learning Disabled (Episode 7): Training the Brain to Learn
Teaching the Learning Disabled (Episode 8): Concept Acquisition and Early Learning; Reading Comprehension
Learning disAbilities / Learning Abilities (Episode 1): Introduction
Learning disAbilities / Learning Abilities (Episode 2): The Teaching
Learning disAbilities / Learning Abilities (Episode 3): Reading is Not a Natural Skill
Learning disAbilities / Learning Abilities (Episode 4): Children & Parents & Schools & Strengths
Learning disAbilities / Learning Abilities (Episode 5): ADD/ADHD/LD
Learning disAbilities / Learning Abilities (Episode 6): Teaching Math
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